The “Six Pack Series”

In 2017, the Institute for Professional Leadership launched its “Six Pack Series,” featuring interviews of a number of prominent leaders around various professions. Those interviewed are asked the same six questions centered around their leadership journeys. The wisdom shared is meant to provide leadership lessons around the experiences and philosophies of leaders who are passionate about guiding the next generation. Thus far, the series has featured judges, law professors, lobbyists, former University of Tennessee presidents, and a West Point law instructor.

This series provides listeners with practical leadership lessons through the lens of accomplished professionals. Each video offers a new perspective, a new voice. The professionals interviewed have different leadership styles which have been honed and built upon throughout their diverse careers. Despite differences in style, common themes of leadership remain emphasized: active listening, authenticity, empathy, courage, work ethic, and integrity.

Through the unique journeys of prominent leaders, we can find the tools to apply to our own leadership journeys—and that is the goal of “Six Pack Series.” The Institute is happy to announce that during this academic year, the Six Pack Series will expand to reach even more leaders! Of course, everyone has their own unique leadership journey, but wherever your path may lead you, make sure to check out this series to see what techniques you can implement in your own practice.

Watch out for a new interview coming soon—you won’t want to miss it! To catch up on the latest videos visit:

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