Leadership Development for Lawyers: Increasing Our Impact

I want to encourage everyone to participate in the roundtable, Leadership Development for Lawyers: Increasing our Impact, April 4-5, 2019, at the University of Tennessee.

Leaders today face challenges of incredible breadth and complexity, and the problems we face as a society can only be solved by trained and committed leaders. The University of Tennessee College of Law and the AALS Section on Leadership will host an event geared specifically toward those interested in helping law students and lawyers develop leadership skills they need to be successful.

Roundtable discussions will provide an opportunity for those involved in legal leadership education to share ideas and experiences, assess our efforts, and plan for the future. In addition there will be workshops on topics like starting a new leadership course or program, integrating well-being into legal leadership curricula, and how to develop effective leadership development exercises. Registration and lodging information is available here.

Please contact me if you have any questions about the event. I look forward to hosting you at the University of Tennessee.


Doug Blaze
Dean Emeritus, Professor and Director of the Institute for Professional Leadership
University of Tennessee College of Law

Featured Speakers

View additional event, registration, lodging, and speaker details here.

Cheri Beasley
Justice, North Carolina Supreme Court

Robert Carlson
President, American Bar Association

Don Polden
Dean, Santa Clara University School of Law

Deborah Rhode
Professor and Director, Center on the Legal Profession, Stanford University

Paula Schaefer
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
University of Tennessee College of Law

Leah Jackson Teague
Associate Dean
Baylor University College of Law

For additional information, contact Professor Doug Blaze at 865-974-2489 or blaze@utk.edu.

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