Institute on the Road

Professor Doug Blaze
Dean Emeritus, Art Stolnitz and Elvin E. Overton Distinguished Professor of Law, and Director of the Institute for Professional Leadership

In late March, faculty and students from the Institute for Professional Leadership represented UT Law at the symposium on Advancing Leadership in the Profession held at Santa Clara University Law School. Keynote speakers included ABA President Hilary Bass and Professor Deborah Rhode, Stanford University. I moderated a panel on leadership education in law school and presented on the topic of “Law Student Motivation, Satisfaction, and Well-Being: The Value of a Leadership and Professional Development Curriculum.” But students Chris Davis (2L), Andrew Cox (2L) and Tippany Patrick (1L) were the true hit of the conference. Here is a picture of Professor and Dean Emeritus Don Polden, the organizer and true leader so the symposium, with Andrew Cox, Tippany Patrick, Professor Deborah Rhode, Chris Davis, and me.

on the road

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